General Mastitis/Milk Quality Links

Animal Health Diagnostic Center
Cornell University

CMT and Milk Sampling Procedures
Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

Coliform Mastitis
Review Article by J.S. Hogan and K.L. Smith

Dairy Extension
University of Minnesota

Dairy Practices Council
Richboro, PA

Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS)
Ames, IA

Laboratory for Udder Health
University of Minnesota

Milk Quality
University of Wisconsin

Milk Quality Self Assessment Test
Dairy Extension, University of Minnesota

Minnesota DHIA

National Mastitis Council

Mastitis Vaccines

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mastitis Vaccines
by P. Ruegg, UW-Madison

Milking Procedures

Best Milking Practices
Penn State University checklist to help pinpoint areas in your milking routine that need improvement.

Recommended Milking Procedures
This National Mastitis Council publication reviews the principles of proper milking routine

Recommended Milking Procedures (Mastitis Module Fact Sheet)
Another good source of milking procedure information by the New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program

Milking Machine Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitizing Milking Equipment
Recently edited and updated (2009) article on milking machine sanitation by J. Jones, Virginia Tech

Cleaning, Sanitation, Troubleshooting, and more
Information on milking machine cleaning and sanitation by D. Reinemann, UW-Madison

How Milk Quality is Assessed
eXtension article by S.P. Oliver, University of Tennessee

Parlor Hygiene

The Role of Hygiene in Efficient Milking
Dairy Update: Milking and Milk Quality No. 406 by P. Ruegg, UW-Madison

Stray Voltage

Stray Voltage Information Resources
Midwest Rural Energy Council

Stray Voltage Resources
UW Milk Quality

Person milking cows.